Life ramzi hashisho

It’s a whirlwind and it won’t stop

Throwing responsibility at me like debris

It’s burdens fighting on my collarbones,

Won’t they finally crush me and set me free?

It’s a weight that sits like a rock in my ribs

It’s a selfish mistress, taking and fuming, that never gives

It’s a splinter that breached a paper-cut

It’s the Garden of Eden plagued by smut

It’s the beeping of the monitor when you wish for a flatline

It’s a call to arms, a screeching, jarring deafening whine

It’s the fearful gaze as the clock chimes faster

It’s an anxious flood of dread you’re unable to master

It’s a longing for what you know cannot be reached

It’s an itch for salvation with no one there to preach

It’s barriers that crumble instead of defend

It’s the knowledge you’re without strength, but you still pretend

It’s a raging battle to redeem your soul

Until you fall still and you’re just no more.

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