During the ups and downs that you face
in the process of growing old,
you realize life is not a fairytale,
its not the story that you were told.

The problems in life are sometimes tough,
it takes time to get them burned.
Unlike, the problems in stories,
that vanish when the pages are turned.

It is only in fairytales,
that life appears magical and bliss,
because once you have lost the love of your life,
you can’t get them back by sharing a kiss.

In life, there is no superhero,
who for you would fight the devil.
All you can do is fight for yourself
or run from the evil.

So fight with the circumstances,
if the going is tough.
Don’t wait for the magic to happen,
cause reality is a little rough.

Life is not easy as a fairytale
it has the shades that are light and darker.
All you can do is love, have faith , stay strong,
and remember that there is never “A happily ever after”.
 — Rachna Nayak

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