Marriage, a symbol of eternal love and affection, 
a symbol of increased responsibility and perfection.

Helping each other as a partner, 
happiness or sorrow, hold your hands together.

A relation not to compare and fight, 
To discuss and understand what is right.

After all, a relationship of two different minds and hearts,
Is diverse thoughts, life with pack of cards.
Remember, life without learning, a life in pause.

Dissimilarity, a chance to learn, to compromise
Is, an input for goal, of your life.

Marrying for money, like mixing poison in honey,
Remember, money buys anything, not time or feeling.

Not a relationship of two, but of two feelings,

mindsets and capabilities.

Respecting each others feelings, and some time you spare,
a meaningful life thus will you have,

happiness in place and lot more to share.

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