Listen to Me

I lived in silence

a profound silence, built a fence

within me, misunderstandings at a glance

crawling underneath my skin, my soul in a deep trance,

I’ve realized that my roots have rejected me

and I was too afraid to voice out my dignity

after all I am part of humanity

see, I traveled places, well one location in particular

there, I’ve felt more or less welcomed, less of an aggressor

but in my heart I can hear the clashes

the culture wars that shake my core

“Sell out” I can hear them shout from home

as they had an idea of what I’m composed of

Haitian molecules they would say but identity?

“you’ve lost the grip of your own ancestry”

I had no existence in this traditional box

nor that I like the idea of being a fox

I long for a place in which I can be

myself, whole, immense individuality

that’s not too much to ask dear friends

that’s why my birthplace is not where I should end.

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