Locked in the Silence

Sealed shut by my will
It tries to break free
My thoughts floating around
Fighting to get out and see
See through the darkness
The fog, the sandstorm.
This is alien to them.
An unnatural torment.
Hidden in the ritual is a power so potent
It can alter lives, change the fabric of your soul
Yet very few choose to do it.
It is the key to the tree of creativity,
The path to the orchard of bliss.
Yet even those who have been down this road
Hesitate to tread once more
Afraid of the change that it brings.

The words start to flow,
Ones I never knew were there.
Rhymes I start to write,
Ones I never knew I could.
A reservoir of courage was revealed to me,
With a few bars and sinews of will.
A reinforcement to the core of my soul too,
Along with a jug of self esteem.
When mental chatter dies, so do delusions.
You hear the most important voice,
The one that belongs to your heart.
The one you never listen to.
The one capable of changing your life.
If only you would let it to.

Poems I’ve written before,but never like this
Strength I’ve shown before, but never like this
For the first time in forever,
I’ve dusted off me.
Now I see that I can believe in me
I sit back & wonder, about what I did.
I chose to be quiet, unknowing of the miracles it hid.
Now, I know where to look, if magic I need hence,
I’ll search within me,locked in the silence.