I fucking hate this feeling,
This feeling of need, of want,
To belong, to unite, 
To be one with another, feel a world beyond mine,
It’s all natural they say, why is it not natural to meet someone?
Why is it not natural for someone to love me? 
I like this loneliness, sometimes it singes inside and I know I am in need! 
Need for another soul, need to sing along,
Sometimes I revel in this feeling of loneliness, 
I read, I travel, I write, I draw, I make photos,
Sometimes in haste, sometimes in a flow,
I do a little something to feed my soul,
Feeding the soul, knowing myself, experiencing the present,
And then there is the calm, the calm that makes me stronger, being true to self,
Realizing that I could be giving, giving without expectations, being better,loving without reason, being tough,
Knowing for sure, I’m living a great life.