long for the earth

the colors were bright, the squirrels were hiding. his shadow was nudging him forward. the light was all around him, like later in life it never would be. the ocean out of sight, but not a far drive away. Whales they lingered, for him to see them all, when the time was ripe.

his parents wondered. what had they done to deserve this play for their soul — this watching of new dreams, and races, determinations and ploddings.

he had a place to be, you see. this little tyke of their occasional and fought for loins.

What part of him and what part of her did this little man of earth employ?

his purple baggy sweater reminded of his not-yet care for fashion.

would he stay as perfect and silly as they loved him to be in this racing moment?

that was the question.

but so little did they know . . .

that his smallish heart,

It was not long for this earth.

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