loosed fire

(shoes of fools)

do no harm, unchain the bars

let them bark at passing cars

needles, diapers, ancient hot dogs

build our streets on beer and rot logs

hear their secrets at the park

watch them miss near every mark

shaking hands at those they’ve hated

waving lips at those they’ve dated

who are these ones who stagger amongst us?

walking free a-wing our justice.

is a better mattress the tax-center doorway?

and all the jibbering, their busker’s foreplay?

or would a wall they could not punch

filled with feathers, serve better lunch?

arguments strong, on whiskied breath

they smell like hell escaping death

and all the while we pat our backs

for how we’ve treated our neighbor lax.

Ignoring who they’ve stolen from

we talk of weather and flavored rum

caring not the beds they’ve robbed

we sign the freedoms of those unjobbed

envisioning only the wrongs done on them

we burgle their souls with such an anthem

saying they’re fine to walk as they do

assigning blame to the rest of of the crew.

they become the saints of New Orleans

sweating virtue through crazed self-quarrelin

let him tell you, listen to his points

watch him shine as he self-annoints

“The world is my oyster”, he claps like a clam

“I am the one who founded this land.”

“I’ve ready thirty books this month alone

never you mind the whole ocean’s my home.”

He’s a dark professor, forgiving little

and I am guilty of most of his riddle

but can it be said I now do him right

to let him prattle both day and night?

to go where he wishes, num one and num two

to zombie the streets like a hole in our shoe

to cast out his demons straight into our souls

to breed up the cause ways with more of fool’s foals?

Perhaps we love him the degree that we do

because we’re afraid we might walk that shoe.

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