and finding back the way


Lost. I am. We all are, aren’t we? In today’s world, so complicated, so messy, so foul that it is almost impossible to trust anyone for anything, everyone has a sense of being lost.

Lost. I am. Unable to figure out what my dreams are. Or if I am walking towards actually making them come true. Not sure of my actions anymore. Not sure of the path anymore.

Lost. Struggling to light a candle to show the path in a wind so fierce that it puts out the light even before the match reaches the wick. How am I supposed to find the right path? How is anyone?

Lost. And finding back the way. That’s the only thing that matters. For I have lost all hope, all patience, to wander off in the dark. Trying to make sense of the world. Chasing the dreams I am no longer sure of.

Lost. Abandoned. Torn and broken. And left to be plucked at by the beasts that wander the skies. Whom can we trust? Who can we rely on for support? For all we have is ourselves. In this world that has turned so cruel.

Lost. The path. The goal. But never the hopes. I stumble along the way. I fall down several times. Sure. But when I climb the heaps of broken bones and mouldy dreams. When I reach the top. I see the world colorful again.

No longer lost. I am. For I am what I have become. For I am a result of what I have gone through.

No longer lost. For I am the one winner that matters. Surviving the chaos. Surviving the fight.

We all are lost. At one point or the other. In fact, at more points in time that we can ever imagine. Betrayed or pushed away. Hurt or stomped upon. Yet we persist. For that is life. For that is the meaning of living.

We all are lost. Sure. But we can always find the light. Not at the end of the tunnel. But in our own hearts, successfully lighting the candle we all want so desperately, even in the strongest of the strong winds. Warding off the beasts of the sky. And reaching our goals. May be they changed now. Nevertheless they are our goals.