A dream alive in my mind

Trying to bring, it into existence

Will I be lost?

In this world of wisdom.

Like a wave it is, profoundly heavy

When splashes into the shore

Pours into the vacuum of thoughts,

And lost is the kink into the sand’s floor.

Words after words, an imagination in my mind

A pen, a paper, I portray the map

Of illusions and drama, one cannot find

Then take a Sabbath into the nature’s lap

For the sake of happiness

That is blur and azure,

But time and again, writing becomes the cure.

I cry and cry, cry so loud

In search of the voice

That never sounds;

Pondering over, if it’s the right choice?

Path untraded, picture unseen,

An escape from the world of satire.

Back there on earth it’s really not fair,

A courtroom of judges that savour no humane

Let’s not go back, they are complete insane.

Also published in usuallymagicalwolf.tumblr.com. Please recommend if you liked reading it.