Lost Individuality

We walk amidst a large crowd,
Hiding ourselves buried in a shroud.
Every individual step, so carefully emulated,
To lessen the risks already calculated.

This mad race for money, for fame,
May one day guilt us with a lot of shame.
For I see “individuals” so rare,
That create the path with no care.

Predefined paths is not where success lies,
For each “I” has its own lows, its own highs.
Each step is laid before us to tread upon,
The joys of deviation, seem to have gone.

The “they” has overwhelmed the “I” ,
the “what” has taken over the “why”.
I see so many “WEs”,
And yet so few “Is”.

I see so many, so many similarities,
That differences are rare, yet rarer individualities.
Move on, I say, for what you are destined,
What heart knows, the mind can never comprehend.

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