Lost Love

Your New World childhood
Carried the scent of roasted coffee
And mouldy Homer.
Undivided, your father
Piloted your life
Into your gay husband,
Whom you managed to squeeze
Three beautiful men from.
There was love and joy.
Your gay husband provided
More of that than many
Manlier men would have.

Your listless life meandered
Through vicarious passions
Until we met, when
We blended sea salt, sand and sperm,
On both sides of the Atlantic,
North and South,
During nights and days,
Dreaming and licking
Seemingly endlessly
Until we were done.

There may be times,
As you raise your eyes
To the skyline of the city
Where your grandchildren
Now play and grow,
When you may wonder,
As I do,
Whether life
Could have been different
Than what it
Turned out to be.

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