***** LOVE! *****

At first…
Pure joy,
simply magic, 
sheer madness,
passionate rush,
incredible lust,
joyous ecstasy,
endless craving, 
the burning desire.

Later on…
A little foolishness,
lots of curiosity,
a perpetual discovery,
a grand conquest,
a great adventure,
a wonderful gift,
sweet fragrance, 
the incandescent fire.

And now…
Unconditional sharing,
constant caring,
frequent forgiving, 
a healing touch,
our happiness,
lasting peace,
vintage sparkling wine,
the solitaire sapphire.

Don’t know 
what it
will be next
let me tell you
it will still be ‘love’.
I will keep on
loving you
and with time
this fire in my
heart will only 
burn brighter.

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