Love is not Convenient

It’s not something you
pop out to late at night
because you
are out of something
It is not something that you
are within easy reach of nor
within spitting distance of nor
a stone’s throw from
You’re not even just around
the corner from it

Love is not timely
It is not something you
put on hold until you
can devote more time to
Love is not a hard edged stance
that requires your core beliefs
remain intact

Love doesn’t always make you horny
nor wet
nor rock hard
lasting up to four hours
It does not give you an orgasm

It is not the thing you run to
in order to hide from yourself
It doesn’t require that you
get it in return
and if you don’t
it doesn’t easily shift if you
seek it elsewhere

It does not allow you
uninterrupted alone time
It does not soothe you
just when you needed it the most
It does not come without cost
Love does not guarantee your safety
nor your mortality

It does not require a netflix account
nor does it save you from seeing
a film you would never watch alone
It does not always go dutch
on the dinner tab
the parking fee
the movie ticket
nor the popcorn

Love is not convenient
and it is not merciful to
those who attempt to
make it so

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