low noon

Pithy punk was the strunk man with his white beard all aflame

Pappy rappy went the ding kongs as the pilots ran for shame

diesel-pedaled are the strong Kats, with their missiles in the quiver

batty chug-pins drank the pierced clowns while their clippers began to shiver

Who, hoo? — asked the kinked birds as they swallowed up the knight

Choo choo, said the slow train as it wobbled down it’s plight

Where, wear asked the gowned fools as they spatcheled out their hairs

right hear, came the queer smear, midst the werewolves forming pairs.

Go, go said the sadlings as they looked up for the moon.

Crying sideways, through the airwaves, shaking yogurt from their spoon

quiet, quiet came the no-replies, shimmering light now leaves their swoon

gone, gone, came the last wise, now they post the planks low noon.

“What’s the password? — asked the night man, with his heartbeat screaming backwards

‘t no longer matters, wailed the banshees, as they oiled the ground with steaming blackbirds

I’ll be leaving, said the children, there’s some porridge waits at home

hold it right there, squawked the jail john you’ve some meat still on the bone