Lowering Clouds Obscure

The edge of light do lowering clouds obscure,

Like fleeting shadows of the night that scare.

Bereft of gladness in a world so pure,

We sink in sands of sadness e’er so bare.

We parted when I needed thee to cling.

Why leave me when my soul was in distress?

Thou used me like thou wouldst a paltry thing,

When love of other made thee sins confess.

Thy loss and my disquiet I shall survive,

As still the love of life doth keep me brave.

Whilst of all things ‘twould seem I am deprived,

From darkness may God’s grace me daily save.

So lorn and cuckholded all we may be,

Forsaken yet not broken we are free.

© 2017 James Hanna-Magill