Maa - Grandma

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Swollen hands and excited voice,
Seeing her daughter, her heart flies.
The innate innocence in her smile,
Looked as cute as a newborn child.

The miraculous gleam in the little eyes,
Made the stars look less bright!
A deeper meaning in her kiss,
Lets you know how much you were missed.

The ultimate truth in her broken words,
Said that she can guide you through right and wrong.
The politeness in her slow actions,
Leaves us simply stunned.

The happiness in her tiny tears,
Makes us forget all our fears.
The sudden freshness on her pale turning face,
Gives new hope like the bright sun rays.

The incredible freedom in her subtle laugh,
Made all our problems look so dwarf.
The unending strength in her love,
Pushes us to strive hard for what we deserve.

Her family’s commitment and patience,
Made it seem that her pain was transience.
A life like hers, that’s full of moments to cherish,
I am sure, would be anyone’s ultimate wish.

Copyright © 2016, Surbhi Tiwari, All rights reserved.

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