Madonna of the Marble

Michigan. New York. World.

‘Sheltering Sky
“Ain’t got a thing left for me to prove” ~Onika Tanya Maraj

Here lies an ancient wench, come from the time of ol’ da Vinci

to tell us of liberty, and other hypocrisies we practice

she on the other hand speaks out about them, from the street whence Anthony trembled the swaying Roman folks,

as we march behind her to the obelisk of free voice, she’s ready to get arrested for her bravery

and here she screeches at the top of her philomelic trill, the far-reaching awareness conjoined;

you may criticize, and troll as much you like; she will mind her job as she sees fit,

and keep on living. She is younger than you’d think, and beneath that rebellious skin dwells a calm and profound soul.

  • for Sujata, my beloved bff, with a ‘voice’ as amazing as this lady here.
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