It’s been many years since I stopped by

and peered through your branches

into the sky.

It then was Spring, and leaves were plenty,

and my time I took to carve a sign

of our love for all to see.

Though now your leaves have all been shed,

and winters’ winds have blown and heaved,

you stand majestic, above the rest.

The message you bear has slowly healed,

And left but scars where once your coat

I pealed to show another,

and all the world who passed by,

that our love would never die.

She knew that love through all our years,

and all the joy, and even tears that came

at times, into our lives.

So now, with pardon I do beg,

and re-affirm with sharp edge,

that same love I pledged on day gone by,

when peering through your branches,

into the sky.

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