Mannequin Soul

“Ma’am, don’t merry, you must straighten out, i’ve told you your husband just died.”

— and those were the words that brought her her smile where another good woman would’ve cried.

“do you need me to call someone? Can I bring you your perish? Is there somewhere i can drive you to process?”

— “I’m fine,” said she, “these chicken strips are grand. Have you even tried these new honey-ginger sauces?”

She stayed like that for hours, and continued her vacation, we were sure it was medical shock.

but all tossed objects must come back to ground, it’s a rule on this gravitational rock.

But she never landed, we watched over her for days, and finally it was clearly no quirk.

Psychologically she was fine, she contained no remorse, and enjoying herself was her work.

for her heart had buried him so many years before, she’d been remarried 18 times in her mind

for these were the days when a conscience at all, along with sorrow, were things you don’t find.