There are the boarders, you haunt and walk
A skulking figure of three-dimensional shadow
How you graze the mist, yet simply become it
Living fear, projection of my mind, a spectre
The edges of my view are your new home
Orbiting in the background, lunar, planetary
With great astronomic forces, I still don’t feel it
But with intellectual knowledge, you’re there
I feel it in my soul, both hearts beating in time
When arms fall to rest, revive, the spring begins
full tilt to my back and without sound, a leap
Biting into my neck, the poison works slowly
I may never realize I’ve been bit until I succumb
to the necrosis you’ve spread through me
You are me, we step in time, entangled
I will never lose you, the cosmic leash that ties us
will never break, ethereal mistakes don’t happen
But I will never die from you.

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