Media Menu

Dumpling hips compliment 
savory sausage-thighs.
Pride swells in ample bosom 
and blossoms on caramel cheeks.
My feast is complete.

Media boasts a different menu.
Sauce on the side 
less food on the plate 
I inhale lies. 
Exhale self-hate.

I gobble up Vogue Covers.
Reach for skeletal frames.
Wish for the bland, 
barely-there breasts. 
Dream of minimal hips 
atop ivory toothpicks.

But, delicious curves won’t surrender.
They stick and stay true.
So, I open a vein
and drain my enemy.
Death delivers
what life could not-
Vicky’s secret
to a happy life.

Media boasts a different menu. 
Sauce on the side
less food on the plate.
I internalized the lies.
I exhaled the self-hate.

Don’t judge your beauty by the Media’s Measuring Stick.

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