Media Torn

DrSJS Creative Commons

Society’s death shall fall the day people speak not to faces,
But to screens

Culture’s silence shall wrawl the day people preach not of God,
But of memes

Humanity’s fate shall call the day people live not for each other,
But for machines

The world’s kin shall bawl the day people surrender not to love,
But to routines

Time itself shall stall the day people care not for kindness,
But for social schemes

With eyes so glued to book of face,
Our hearts alone with likes replaced
Grimy gospels of social decadence,
Removed common sense, whilst media takes precedence

Conceited creatures obsessed over themselves
Sending pics a’ plenty, into carelessness doth delve
A nature defined by the love for attention
Ignoring every and all last ethical convention

Boxes in hands to sell each soul
Those apps do so our lives control
Torn apart, to pixels we pray,
As we share and comment human spirit away