Meditation on Kurt Vonnegut’s “be careful about what we pretend to be”

Today’s Focail do a Chara

Photo Credit Christine Salkin Davis

I am a lover of life,

a sensual storyteller with alluring muse and philosophical charisma.s

You are attracted by my voice,

irresistibly drawn to my story.

I am a woman of emotions,

simple in my desires but full of complexities of mind and soul.

You are attracted to my heart,

irresistibly drawn to my mind.

I am a writer of fantasy,

a master of make-believe; open, vulnerable, and naked to the core.

You are attracted by my depth,

irresistibly drawn to my words.

I am a pretender of fate,

weaver of fantasies, dreams, and a future in my mind.

I am attracted to the unknown,

irresistibly drawn to the clouds.

© Christine Salkin Davis, 2017

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