Merlin’s Tale

Sometimes when I’m lonely, when I’m alone

A man creeps up to my door

He tells me stories of flowers and pain

His eyes hollow and sore

He speaks of quivering, breaking bones

He speaks of ashes and gold

His whispers echo through tumbling walls

His hands pale and cold

The man surrounds me with tales of fire

With tales of rumbling winds

The woods he speaks of know no mans desire

The woods lie dark and still

I see in his eyes a magical glow

His face unbelievably young

He speaks of worlds I have never believed in

Of which my mother once sung

Sometimes when I’m lonely, he lowers his voice

So nobody else can hear

He speaks so softly his trembling words

He speaks with no mans fear

Around him castles of grey stone mount

And kings and queens rush past

The knights surrender their shoulders wise

To the sword that again shall rise

A young prince’s laughter runs through these walls

His cheeks rose from the fight

A white flag in his hand, he rode

To assemble all to the light

His black hair wields itself trough the breeze

His blue eyes sparkle bright

A white flag in his hand, he rode

To assemble all to the light

Sometimes when I’m lonely, the darkness subsides,

The man is speaking to me

He speaks of quests, of swords and of knights

Like he has been there to see

He says there will come a day very soon

When birds refrain from their song

When flowers that wither, bloom in their wrath

On a day when the winds blows too strong

The day when the rain won’t reach to the ground

When the nature’s in awe, that is when

The river of Avalon will part at it’s shore

And the King will rise once again

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