Meteor Eye

As stars collapse,
Dimensions do die.
With no belongings, nor sights,
A simple masterful mass of loss.
I shall go with no tears,
No funeral to speak of,
But if there be one, it shall be,
Stripped of all light, of all friends
I’ll be your ancient one,
I’ll be your diamond sun,
Let me take you away
To the land of the dying blaze
As I hurl away,
Simple. My rocky crust. 
An expanse of no one near
Only Lonesome fears,
There are no sights,
For me in this life,
Only a future of destruction
In my Empty world 
So tell me when I feel alive,
When my volcanoes go
When the waters flow,
When the green things fly 
Or I’ll burn inside
Entering atmospheres Devoid,
No oxygen in sight.
For a simple meteor like I.