I am a girl.
Sweet. Cute. Beautiful.
Both outside and inside.

Born in Ohio. Or Texas. Or New York.
Or may be in London. Rome. Paris.
Or Sweden. Delhi. Tokyo. Sydney.
It is same. Across the globe. I am beautiful.

Wonderfully brought up
By my wonderful parents
Who bought me everything

And anything I have asked for.
Toys. Dolls. Legos.
Books. Balls. Segways.
Bicycles. Skateshoes. Science kits.

Since childhood, I have seen many dreams.
To pursue — to fulfill — in what, then,
Seemed to be a lifetime.

I am not so good at painting.
But I painted. My life.
Beautiful. Happy. Successful.
And you messed it all up in one night.

You hit me on my face.
But more than that.
You hit me on my heart.

Couldn’t you see? I was drunk.
Did I say yes? Or nodded my head?
For a moment I couldn’t stand hard against
And you thought it was okay?

You left me bad memories.
Like smudges on the painting I drew.
And walked away, not caring at all.

But I am strong. Even stronger now.
I will not let you steal my life.
I will show you what I am made up of.
I will make my life the way I painted it.


I am a boy.
Sweet. Cute. Handsome.
Both outside and inside.

Born in the same places as you were.
Brought up the same way as you are.
Painted the life the same way as you did.
Never thought of insulting you even in my dreams.

I have sisters whom I love.
Several friends — girls — whom I respect.
My love, whom I love most dearly.

Never could I imagine how someone
Could insult them in any way.
Never could I imagine how someone
Can grow up to do these things.

Since childhood, I too have seen dreams.
A world where everyone is equal and loved.
But some worms have creeped up into the flower.

May be it is the society; teaching them to be tough.
Or their friends; encouraging them to do such things.
Or the environment they grew up in.
Or may be just their inner wiring; gone so wrong.

But believe me when I say this.
I stand with you always.
Supporting you — and respecting you.

And I know you are strong. Stronger than me.
In heart and mind. In your deeper soul.
That you will make your life. The way you have painted it.
And I will, from some corner of the world, look at it and think…

Wish I could be as strong as you are.