I gently push the door, 
watching as it swings open
its hinges making a creaking sound .
You're seated on a bed in the center of the room 
and as I look at you a thousand reflections of you line up right behind. 
It's unnerving to have so many of your eyes on me .
I swallow the bile which has risen in my throat, 
and realize that all the walls are masked with mirrors .
Each reflection a step into the oblivion, 
which I took after falling in love with you. 
There is something strange about you, 
the spot your seated in reflects you onto a mirror 
which cuts through every mirror around.
Your reflections cuts through mine, 
and for some reasons that seems important. 
I walk around watching myself, 
observing the infinite versions of me. 
Your eyes never leave me
watching me keenly with every step that I take .

I want to come closer to you 
to touch your bare skin, 
letting my fingers feel liberated as they explore every inch. 
I know you love me and want me the same way, 
because I can see it now in all those reflections of you. 
Still there is something that I do not quite understand, 
is my reflection the wall in our relationship, 
as I let the distance between us slip away like grains of sand.

-Babar Mir