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Misspelled words,
Spilled through the cup of your heart,
Like a dark coffee in the thrust of the morning dew,
You stroke every sip of the black until you turn dark,
You walk insipid in the taste of sun,
Spring no more promise a leaf,
Trees are barren,
Herd is fragile,
The terrain shakes its chest in melancholy;
Misunderstood you,
Falter around the alleys of young spring,
Your white hair in the fringe of your ears,
Are hustled even in the bark of small dogs,
Are you afraid? The evening asks in mirth,
Oh you lost! Says the lonely night;

In the impeccable world of poetry and song,
You’re misspelled,
The story laughs at your slipping tongue,
In the full laden world of empathy,
You’re misunderstood,
You’re lonely,
It’s not the same soliloquy,
You’re misspelled and misunderstood;

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