“Momentary Blend”

Flowing synchronously,
Blending unconfined with the rhythm of time,
A delightful blend of:
Imperfect people
Chaotic conversations
With an ardent punch of:
Untold affection
Unplanned actions
This was it,
Yet another moment,
A perfect webbing of enriching happiness,
Times when you feel everything is in place,
And there is no need to seek solace,
It is all here,
In the flow, 
In the glow,
And in some time it whisked off in to evoking thoughts,
Everybody left,
Nobody realized,
There is no re-creation,
There is no rewind,
It was one unique momentous design,
One superlative fusion,
This was it,
Creation of a momentary moment,
A moment for life,
A privilege in an only known planet hosting life,
It will fade like everything else,
But then what not in the momentary universe.

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