Mourning Song #6, for C.A.W.

“Long exposure photo of the ocean coming in the rocky bay” by Mário Silva on Unsplash

Now point me toward the door to Death’s domain,
I need no light: I lost all light with you
bedecked in shadows, mourning, I remain
adrift: restoring you will set life true
or else: set me to sleep, the slipping stream
will bring me to whatever hither shore
you now call home. Released from waking dreams
I’ll take your hand, find peace, just as before.

I would recall you here, whatever cost
be laid against my bones, upon my soul.
The price is unimportant, you were lost
and I would wage the world to see you whole.

I’m scared, though, love; forgive me if I stay
where we are kept apart. I’ll come someday.

Zach J. Payne — poet, playwright, and YA author. Follow along on his adventures.