My Barefoot Soul

Barefoot Beach by Debbie Aruta

My Barefoot soul came to me in a dream, 
it was just floating by on a cloud of green.
My soul called out to the moonlight,
as I wrestled to hear my own breath .

Words floated by, when I went inside 
to rest, but I could not speak.
I was wholy and sadly adrift. My mind,
as soft as a feather, could blow with a gentle wind.

My hands,at rest, under my pillow,
struggling with my soul.
Wrestling again to breath,
cold pale night filled my lungs,Dead!

I moved, but no one saw. 
I spoke and my words were music.
Gentle souls reaching for my hands,
frozen legs gone from my body.

Soul awaken, howling,feeling
it all, so deeplly.
I soon realized I would feel no more,
my Life was gone,my soul stolen.

Once again I tried to breath,
but my soul reminded me, I’m gone.
I sank into the ground or was I pulled?
my eye rose to meet the dead, my legs walked on without me.

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