by Elliot Erwitt

my postman died today

a new boy knocked on my door
a brown haired boy 
he brought me my letters
bills, checks, 
catalogues with girls, catalogues with happy families,
my weekly newspaper
he told me 
that my postman died today
so I took my post from that boy and closed the door

my postman died today
a good man he was
a funny man
once he told me, that his heart is a middle aged prostitute
going from one butcher to another
he always tried to love the wrong women
or maybe he was just a wrong man to fall in love with
he died 4 years short of retirement
in his chair
one time he chased away two boys 
for beating a homeless dog near the schoolyard
he took him home and named him Frank
I saw it when I was smoking outside 
I remember that day, because I lost my favourite lighter 
and my Maggie called me saying
I’m never coming back again

the mad truth about life
is that every man falls
so you need to live a damned good life
there will be always someone new 
knocking on someone else’s door instead of you
so rip your chest open and fly
and laugh, laugh, laugh

Thank you for coming to read me. If you can, help me to write more. But…just You being here…means a lot. :-)

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