Nazi scum

Do you have a friend?
(The plate replete of sleekness,
Sees the lady’s eyes bend).
His words as a mist bleakness,
Reveals her weakness.
Don’t you answer me ?!
(The plate eagers,
A companion, a blood cup tea).
His husky voice, leaders
The atmosphere of nazi’s killers.
I had the idea whores could talk…
(The plate gazes,
What seems to be a ticking clock).
Oh the plate ,the lady, amazes.
It’s not every day it gets to see blazes.
The lady withdraws her attractive luger,
(The plate already smells,
The raw meat of the booger!)
Obergruppenführer bales the rusty shells,
And the church plays the bells.
(The plate releasing a hiss,
Devours the scrumptious meal).
Lastly, the smoke salutes the miss.
She asks herself how does it feel
To make a nazi scum squeal.
Well, she laughs regarding the trains…
Have a good trip through hell veins!
  • Frederico Vicente
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