Night and Day

The black sun rises
casting away the white clouds.
The birds chirp the death song
and I lie on my bed, under my own weight.

The corner has become my home;
Two feet space is now the only solace.
Shackles of bed-sheet won’t let me go;
The floor is hard cold and the fresh air outside is daunting.

I wait for the sun to go down
So the white clouds will return.
But it has been morning since forever, darling
The nights never knock on my door.

Long hours pointlessly ticking by
Every breath of air a reminder of pointless life
“Hear your voice, it would help,” he said.
But the voice has drowned my own, darling.

We love our masks and capes now
Whilst fighting demons underneath our suits.
Walking zombies all around
Who’s the friend and who’s your foe?

We reside in the skies now,
our feet trying to reach the ground.
Trying to be the gentle wind
but aren’t we the storm breaking us down?

In this war, losing every fight
Under gray skies, telling black from white?
Right from wrong and wrong from right?
But the night is day and the day is night.

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