Now What?

Feeling no pain.

No worries, no drive. No feelings.

Except bliss.

I love this shit.

Every four hours,

more bliss.

Doctor prescribed,

Friday’s medical procedure.

Popped one yesterday before BJ’s funeral.

Bliss in the midst of so much sorrow, so much pain.

Maybe I should pop more than one.

Two? Three? Four?

Wash it down with some cheap red wine?

It was a pleasure to burn.

I am an invisible man.

I am a sick man.

I steal.

I feel…



Probing now… this is real time…

Bliss, again.

No worries.

No drive to do anything but work this out.

This is real time…

I’m sweating.

Sound of buzzing bees. In my head?

I have more than enough shit stashed away

for a rainy day.

Today is not that day.

Now what?

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