Nowhere to Go

So early in the day — I have nowhere to run.

He took the last seat next to me on the bus

I see others out of the corners of their eyes.

They seem to be saying “Tough luck mate”.

Nowhere to go as the warm smell of his breath embraces and hugs me like an old friend.

The scent of fermented barley and hops stirs long lost memories.

It’s been a long time since I too trapped someone on a bus and took the last seat.

A long time since I too woke up in the gutter and fell onto a bus vowing never again.

It is so easy to stop, why; I have done it so many times but it’s so hard to look at yourself.

Nowhere to go to, trapped till my stop and then break free of the terrible embrace that threatens to ruin and laugh in my face.

Nowhere to go till I welcome my group and tell of the challenge and winning today’s race

still fighting through years when I too trapped someone on this bus and he had nowhere go.

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