Madness: Photo by me Debbie Aruta


The moon was pulling on me; trying to cradle me in its arms,
It argued with itself, tossing me back and forth.
My heart quickened at what was to come, but
exhausted with all this turmoil, rest is what I sought.

Soaking up whale sperm, toxic sludge;
my waves made foamy white from all this trash.
People treating me as their garbage pail,
Humanities struggles laying in my belly.

Water being yanked out of me and pulled into the clouds above,
It swirls around, into a funnel and slammed back down.
Skimming across my top, as if it was going to tickle me,
then shoving me into the shore, forcing me to kill!

People hear and see my anger, yet they try to ride me.
Slammed bodies curling about under my waves,
never to be found again, I am to wide, to vast, to violent;
Then I am calm once more, an allusion of peace.

My waves touch the sand calmly again,
as if to say I am sorry for my temper.
Swallowing it all deep down again;
My pride is gone and I just flow on.

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