Of Losing Battles

Oh lonely grief,house me in your bosom
share your pains with me, pass on your secrets.
Are you struggling with mundane tidbits?
Let the veils part, let me into your arms.

Oh forsaken guilt, how i have missed your caress
make me a part of your scheme, delve into my psyche.
Are you feeling left alone in this world of achievers?
Dream with me, of faults, heartbreaks and misery.

Oh forgotten tears, draw me into your reverie
govern my senses, command my weak will.
Are you fighting a losing battles with smiles?
Rest a while upon my lips, make tender love to me.

Oh deserted insecurities, shower your wisdom
let me be a soldier, in your war against surety.
Are you worried about hostile company?
Shrug of the indifference, lie a while with me.

Oh immortal death, engulf me in woeful servitude
Let us exchange roles and let me become you
Are you lost in these cries of mortality?
Burn away your fear, now you belong with me.

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