Of Voices, Of Choices

Photo Credit — Me! A Physio Shop somewhere in East London!

I’m perilously close to 
Querulously boasting
Deliriously coasting
Through this and most things, 
Went from chilled to roasting 
Hot as I flaunted what I thought I got
Want all eyes on me
But no eyes gonna see
How scared I’ve been
How scarred my skin
How hard it’s seemed 
To find my dream
Not just pursue a whim
Above the rising din
Of voices 
Of choices 
How to stay poised is
Why I wrote this
So I could cope with
My clamouring mind
That won’t miss
A beat, and know this 
To grow this I’ve
First got to sow this seed
Plant for hunger not for greed
Not write to plunder, write to feed 
Inquiring intellects that need
More than fake news and 
Skewed views
Politics and reviews
Of when to buy this shit 
Lists of how to get rich quick 
There’s something deeper inside me
That looks beyond time, see
That takes our reality
And seeks out the clarity
That hates the banality
Of clicks, likes, venality 
Of selfies for vanity 
Has me asking humanity
Has it lost all its sanity 
Questioning can it see
The plurality of fantasy 
Taking over from land to sea
I’m asking myself can it be 
If this is what we’d planned to be
Then seems like we’re damned to me
So I’ll take the stand and be
A voice and hand to the
Silent enlightened 
The proud and the frightened 
The unspoken titans
Who know that I’m right and
Want the world to be brightened
By knowledge and light and
Not lost to the dark
The cost to our hearts 
Is too much of a burden
To all of our children 
So hear this deep flow
Rise up, strike a blow
Let ignorance know 
We’re not going to go
We’re here to stay 
To push every day
To do, not to pray
Till we find back our way
Take these words that I say
And FIGHT come what may

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