-Off this dark ride?

RACISM . . . (plague du jour)

face-ism? (love of one’s own attributes)

a space schism.

awisdom? (opposite of)

ace-ism? (club of experts)

mace is yum? (protest fetish)

trace-ism? (keep everyone inside your nice lines)

HATRED . . . (getting closer to a prognosis)

fate-rid? (no way to avoid this dark destiny)

weight-rid? (a massive burden willingly born)

bate red (calling forth the rage-blind bull)

pay-tread (money in this business?)

sacred? (holy?)

FALLEN . . . (now we’re on to something)

small’n (fairly impoverished we find ourselves)

walled in (blockaded by the dark, in need of a cure)

squall’n (hit by a storm, we don’t know where we are any more)

ballin’ (we love the party above the effort to soar)

maulin’ (we’ll take everyone else down with us if we have to)

fall in (admit you’re a part of the problem, stop trying to rise above it all in your mind)

Broken . . . (the head has met the nail)

chokin’ (we’ve forgotten what real air tastes like)

token (the only way on to the ride toward mending is acknowledgment of our need for repair)

awoken (to our need)

bro kin (we’re all in this together)

croakin’ (it’s that desperate)

REPENTANCE . . . (the only solution)

we rentance (we’re not the actual owners)


de-sentence (remove our unservable jailtime)

re-went-ance (let’s go at this thing totally differently, becoming new people)

weep in tents (remorse must become us)





help to cope


dope (legal, pure, the real high)


Pope (a real Heavenly Father re-found)





crucified (the crazed us)

hewnified (chiseled from a Rock gorgeous, shaped by a Maestro)

spewn of pride (free to be humble, finally)

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