Once Roaring Flames

Flames frolic across the night sky,
Gracefully leaping
from cloud to cloud.
of the days gone by — 
With every touch — 
sparks fly.

As the sunrise draws nigh,
Alone in this empty room I sit.
Through the window,
clouds quietly cry.

I long for the vibrant night to stay,
To ignite my mind
and swell my spirit.
For neither passion
nor inspiration
will visit me
in this gray morning.

The rain falls from a dull sky,
And I fear that I
will never again see
the fire that the night
carried in its arms,
And then set free — 
solely to ignite
a devastatingly beautiful path
into my soul.

I long to hold on to hope — 
the hope that these tears
from the day’s sky
have not yet drenched
the faint embers
that once lived
as roaring flames
within me.

Originally published in Here It Goes.

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