One last swaddle…

The New Indian Express

Mother, where is all the warmth,
The once cuddling snuggle just after I was born,
You have swaddled me again,
Yet I am cold,
Take me in your womb,
And maybe I can breathe in peace,
Why all the noise,
Oxygen disruption or encephalitis destruction,
Let the blame-game toys fight on,
Tell dad to get away from flashlights and cameras,
Out of the momentary sensationalism,
And strengthen to endure the realism:
Pain is yours,
Agony is yours,
Loss is yours,
To live in my adorable gestures,
To grieve in my silence,
Mother, I am cold,
Ask him to hug me tight,
One last time,
For that one last swaddle.

P.S. Gorakhpur Tragedy

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