Out There…

So much anger and frustration
Out there — 
There is rage,
A feeling of powerlessness,
There is fear, anxiety,
There is deep, deep depression.

But I wonder…

If you are not the one
Who is hurt or oppressed,
The one who must hide
From slurs and threats
And senseless violence;
The one denied
A life with respect,
A life with dignity,
A life with value,
A life without fear —

Hear the fear!
See the fear!
Taste the fear!

But for you,
Each day is not a struggle
Just to Live
Just to Breathe
Just to Be

Well then…

Where is all this coming from?


I hear your voice
Feel your voice
Stabbing voice
Hateful voice

As if the pain were yours…

But do you know?
Really know?
Truly know?

How it is?

It’s a mess out there — 
Let’s examine
What is happening


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