In trails of souls traveling

Smiles listless in halls of crunching treads

Whispering currents of beautiful agony

Warmth in seams of Siberian air

An epidermal sop in sleet of thrills

Cold slithers up hairs from beneath trunks

Sad oscillation of deserted cradles

Groaning mezzanine within flurry of passage birds.

A wrench in thoughts

Turnip amidst a herd and

the banks of solitary turbulence

Flowers blossoms to smile

Weeds an outgrowth of uproot.

Within tide and sands

Seconds poll the letters

Upon which these ripples undulate

Threads hunt into walls

Of these burgeons in the dark.

From drops of crack pitch

On tars of whispering unreal

and avenues of empty bins

Rustles banners on swipes of wind

Lost in mindless bore

Of an unrealistic panting.

Cave within these quagmire

Clutching shadows of passing houses

Flakes fall in salty tear of white

Filling buckets of endless drainage.

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