I Laugh at the mirror,
and the girl captured in the mirror,
Laughed at me.
I Smiled, she Smiled
I Cried, she Cried

I can see her,
But not feel her.
I can notice her ,
But not make out,
Whats going on in her mind.
Her appearance is all,
left in my mind to judge her with.

She was just like me.
She did everything I did
I could understand my actions
but she just followed.

The difference between me and her:
I am gifted with the power to contemplate,
and she, is just a appearance.

I found this very Sarcastic,
She was me, but not actually me.

We see the mirror image of others, 
How do we recognize others?
Through their Intellect or Appearance.
Which side of the mirror, do you believe in?

Mirror is : 
like a Diamond,
like MOON.
Shines on someones light.
Thoughts of people act as light,
Now, who you see : 
The Light emitter or The Reflector.
It’s up-to you.

~Harnoor Bhullar

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