Pizza Recipe

A base.

A topping.

The recipe goes.

Thin and crispy

in lots of prose.

Sling it in,

Or leave it out.

That is all it is about.

Write the words

and then stand back.

Never follow rules

that bore nor count.

Art is not without a point.

Make it up as you go along,

In much the same way as this song.

What’s the sense in idle words

If all you make

is much as theirs?

Take my advice if you will.

Do your thing and sod them all.

One day soon we all will see

That pizzas do not grow on trees.

Were it so, we might as well

Drop it all and go to hell,

Where pizza making isn’t done so well.

But then if that is where I go

I really hope the dough I make

Will shake the souls of those who take

Cash from such as you and me

Most of all for their own sake.

Jackie Collins and her type

Should give it up,

And move along.

To those who view in triple X,

I’ve had enough of fruitless sex.

EL James may catch us now,

but to her books I do not bow.

I have strung them up in my time

And I’ve made more than half a crown.

Wherein does credibility reside?

In our pizzas they abide,

not in the women that we ride.

The only thing that I can offer

Just take your time and seek to proffer

More than sauce and chilli beef.

Tell it long or tell it brief.

Just keep it true and your belief.

Should you ever beg to differ,

All I say is one day soon

We’ll all float down the river.

Let not our point be just to sell, when

Surely what we should do well is not

To the devil give

Our hearts and minds for him to sieve

So that we have nothing worthy left to say

When next

We bake

Another day.

© 2017 James Hanna-Magill

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