Planet Of Ataris

There’s a place that you’ll find if look up in the sky
Well, that’s where they’re going to bury me whenever I die
You take a big spaceship just to the west of Mars
And look for the planet that doesn’t have any cars
It’s got a giant wall of TVs, and a joystick or two
A whole bunch of games, and I mean more than a few
They’ve got Pac-Man, Joust, and, wow, even Centipede!
The amount of stuff here makes my eyes almost bleed
There’s Missile Command, Asteroids and even Defender
I nearly lost that last one, playing it during a drunken bender
The only thing that sucks here is they don’t have any Combat
But if I write to the President, I’m sure he just might fix that
Maybe while he’s at it, he could send me up an Intellivision
Oh, please don’t laugh at me, I’m not worthy of the derision
I’m just a child at heart, and one who likes old video games
Yeah, I like every one, so I hope you don’t call me names
Life on my world is great, even if there aren’t any Ferraris
Way up there over yonder, up on the Planet of Ataris