Poet of Truth

I am a poet of truth

I write indelible lines of passions, of love, of greatness

with a stroke of my pen, I feel invincible, youthful

I become who I want to be; a splendid beautiful being.

I rise beyond my sadness

and help others reach this state of blissfulness.

Happiness lies within these eternal words.

I transform into a reckoning voice,

a voice of freedom, a voice of choice,

I aspire to everything in which one can fully rejoice.

A deligthful force, an adorable feeling,

I can move mountains, I fight to win.

A hopeful energy, I spread my wings,

with a sunshining mindset, I manage to bring,

a message of honesty, of divinity, of serenity

to all humankind but specially to me.

I am a poet of truth

with tears of joy, I speak to you.

I want to remind you of your self-worth

I want to praise your brilliant intricate self since birth.

For you are wonderfully made, a magnificient creature.

For only a poet of truth may define you without a slur.

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