Poetic Collage

Blessings by Debbie Aruta


Love fell down, struggling to rise again,
Holding hearts and hands.
Pain that lives a lifetime,
Never meant to be,
always a minute off.
Shaken by indecision,
faltered by questions,
Love closed this day.

Life’s Complications

Life is an allegory for pain,
and happiness intermingled.
Life is a short time frame,
which seems to linger for a longer pace
than it is.

Life is filled with hurt and grace.
A heart overflowing and a heart falling to pieces.
Life is the sum of all the good and bad mixed,
Life is us connected by a tiny thread.
We try to be just by ourselves,
but we yearn for connection
to move forward in life.

Life is a race to the finish, but life
is a taste of what is yet to come!!


Mind blown, heart done,
life’s one bite at a time.
What was once is now, gone!
left behind a shattered mess.
Once a friend, now, 
well not,
feeling my heart dripping,
out of tears, 
one drop left.
leaving behind empty space.

Void of hearing life’s cry,
blocking the pain made by another.
A shell of what once was ,
is what is left behind.

Love blown up, heart done,
one day at a time.
What was, never again, will be no more.
Life anew, heart restarted, heart restarted,
heart healed.

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